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On behalf of the Siddall and Ray Foundation Incorporated, it is an honor to have this opportunity to welcome you to the many editions of the Music, Education, Dance and the Arts (MEDA) Web Site and Newsmagazine.  Many of you have requested that we keep you abreast of all our research, publications, and inform you as to where you can obtain information concerning music, education, arts and dance material in the United States and Internationally. 
     There are a number of music, dance, education and arts companies and organizations; however, it has been difficult for some of you to find just that one which would combine information on a number of organizations.  In the past we have been doing just this upon your request; however, the mailing list has grown too large to send bits and pieces of information to you.  Therefore, it has become necessary to set up a Web Site and send out a NEWSMAGAZINE to you three times a year and, as the request grows, we may expand it to a monthly magazine. 
     Never before in our lives and in our country’s history have dance and the arts been more important in our lives and our lifestyle.  The status of funding for the arts is at an all time low because of cutbacks on federal, state and local levels.  If the arts are to survive then we must help educate people throughout the world of its importance.  We must join together to promote the arts through education within our daily lives and institutions.  If education is the key, then we must learn new concepts, reinforce the positive actions for betters arts in education for our nation and internationally.  Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make us inferior without our permission.”  Therefore, we cannot let ourselves become inferior concerning the arts in education and our lifestyle.  We are not powerless unless we choose to be.  Therefore, we at the Siddall and Ray Foundation are asking you to join us in our quest to help promote excellence in music, education,  dance, art, and the arts. 
     By joining us, it will be evident that you have the courage, desire, vitality, energy and enthusiasm to promote excellence and make changes within music, art education and dance, and in your lifestyle.  We will use the expertise of those professionals who have joined us to present this knowledge and their skills to the public on through workshops, in-service training programs, classes, and on the Web Site and send  out a Newsmagazine.  Now is the time to commit or recommit ourselves to promoting excellence in music, education dance and the arts (MEDA).  We must become mentors for those in leadership positions, for other worthy professionals, encourage our children and leaders of tomorrow to become mentors as we promote music,education, dance and the arts (MEDA) for our own pleasure and for the artistic benefit of others. 
     It is our hope that by sharing this WebSite and  Newsmagazine with all of you that it will provide you with the information needed about your area of interest whether it is music, education, dance, art or the arts.  We know that knowledge of our past can be keys to our future and that our future depends on our actions.  Please join us in accepting the challenge of promoting the Music, Education, Dance, Art, and the Arts through your membership in Siddall and Ray Foundation Inc. (SRFI). 
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